Heritage Group visit to St Pega’s Church

Wednesday 19th March 2014: Visit to St Pega’s Church, Peakirk

Trish Roberts will show us the medieval wall paintings and explain their significance.

Peakirk wall paintingsThe presence of paintings in the church was recorded by Edmund Artis, the early 19th century local antiquarian and archaeologist, and house steward to Earl Fitzwilliam. They were fully uncovered and recorded in 1950-51 by the leading expert on wall paintings of the time, Clive Rouse. Unfortunately Rouse covered the paintings in wax. Although much of it was removed in the 1970s, some areas of detail have been lost. (For more information see St Pega’s Church web pages.)

Meet outside West Deeping Village at 3 p.m. or arrive at Peakirk for 3.30 p.m. To offer or arrange a lift please email wdheritage@hotmail.co.uk or phone 01778 344768.  A contribution of £2.50 per person will benefit the wall paintings restoration fund. Refreshments will be served.

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