Can you help? We are looking for a secretary

As our current secretary now has more than a full-time job to cope with, she would like to hand over the Heritage Group “portfolio” to someone else. It’s not a lot of work and it’s quite informal.  There are only 2 other committee members, the chairperson and the treasurer, so they could really do with help. The Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 1st April 2014  would be a really good opportunity for a hand-over.

What would you need to do?

  • attend and take minutes at no more than 4 short committee meetings per year
  • maintain the list of group supporters’ contact details
  • book Village Hall for meetings
  • send out advance notice of meetings by email
  • distribute posters occasionally
  • contact speakers to arrange programme of talks (about 6 between September and March)
  • use a computer and have access to the internet for email (a Microsoft Surface tablet is available for the secretary’s use)
  • sign a few cheques
  • take minutes for the AGM
  • It could be a job-share, or it could be for only part of the year.

Volunteers or nominees will be welcomed with open arms.  Please email if you are interested or would like to talk about it .


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