On this day …

Wind and Weather Chart 1969 to 1970


September 15th 1969 – 46 years ago – one of the 16 pupils at West Deeping Church of England School filled in the weather chart – it was the first entry for the Autumn term, which had started on September 9th.

The day was cold with showers (not unlike today!) and the wind was from the north-west.

How do we know? When the school closed in 1971, a former pupil at the school, Nick Sandall, retrieved 3 large wall charts on which the wind and weather had been recorded.  Earlier this year, the charts  came to light when the family was clearing the garage at 41 King Street before the house was put on the market.  They are now in the safekeeping of West Deeping Heritage Group.

There are not many ‘memorabilia’ from the school left – or are there?

If you were a pupil at West Deeping and have anything at all that brings back memories, maybe just a photograph – do contact us!

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