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West Deeping gardener unearths stone hand-axe?

Can anyone help identify this unusually-shaped stone, found when digging in a garden in West Deeping, South Lincolnshire?

It’s smooth on one side; its rounded edge is sharp; it measures about 200mm in length and from 60 to 100 mm in width. It is very similar in appearance to the local limestone used for many of the village buildings.

Could this be a Stone Age artefact (maybe a hand-held axe), or perhaps a more recently-used implement,  or is it a fluke of nature?

If anyone has any suggestions, comments or seen anything similar, please contact or ‘Leave a reply’, and the message will be forwarded.

Panoramic views from Karl’s Copter Cam


There is a double page Picture Special in the Stamford Mercury for Friday 16th January 2015 featuring aerial photographs taken by Karl Beadle of Copter Cam.  They include a panoramic view of Market Deeping and a stretch of the River Welland through Deeping St James – the downstream end of the Stamford Canal.

Karl Beadle is the photographer who 2 years ago took aerial photographs of the route of the Stamford Canal in West Deeping and Tallington.  His Copter Cam images were used for West Deeping Heritage Group’s interpretation boards.