Family History

West Deeping Heritage Group has a variety of resources which may help family historians and others trace people who lived in West Deeping in the past.
  • There are records of some baptisms and marriage banns from the church vestry registers.
  • Burials in the churchyard of St Andrews Church and the plaques in the church itself have been recorded and photographed in Monumental Inscriptions: St Andrew’s Church, West Deeping
  • Burials in the cemetery in King Street, West Deeping are fully documented but not yet digitised.
  • The Enclosure Award and map of the village shows who owned property and fields within the parish in the early nineteenth century. The award has been transcribed and digitised
  • Abstracts of title, wills, and other archives relating to the exchange of property (from private collections and from Lincolnshire Archives) have been photographed and some transcribed.
  • The Census records for West Deeping from 1841 to 1911 are in the process of being transcribed and indexed.
  • A file of references to village residents and landowners dating back to medieval times  is kept with the Heritage Group archives
  • Enquiries about former village residents are to be written up for the website. (Select this link for the first case: the Wright family)
  • People who were born here or who came to be living in  West Deeping and served in the armed forces during the First World War have been identified. The  Roll of Honour  produced for The Deepings Remember 1914 to 1918 project gives their names and dates, but does not give details of which of the Deepings they are linked with. The research has mostly been done, and dossiers for each name are available by contacting West Deeping Heritage Group. A book is in preparation for publication in 2018.

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