People’s stories

During the summer of 2013 we recorded some recollections of what remained of the canal years ago.  We took notes of conversations with people who preferred not to be recorded.

  • Grace Marsden, who has lived most of her life in West Deeping, since 1938.
  • Joan Sandall, resident of West Deeping since 1946.
  • Nick Sandall, Joan’s eldest son, brought up from birth in West Deeping.
  • Emma Lightbown, who moved into West Deeping in 2012.
  • John Teesdale, who inherited Copthill Farm, Uffington from his father and farmed there himself until he retired.

Scroll down to click on the links to their stories.

Grace Marsden.

Grace talked to Lesley Ward about how she knew about the canal and remembers the major flood in the village in 1947. Click the link below and read the transcript of her memories.

Memories from Grace Marsden

Joan Sandall and Nick Sandall.

Joan Sandall

Joan Sandall

Lesley Ward talked to Joan and Nick in July 2013

To be completed                                                                     .

NIck Sandall

NIck Sandall

Emma Lightbown.

When Emma bought her house in The Lane, she had no idea the ‘ditch’ at the bottom of the garden used to be a canal. Click the icon below to listen to Emma talking to Lesley Ward.


John Teesdale. 

John and Anne Teesdale with Maggie Ashcroft and Elizabeth Noble.

John and Anne Teesdale with Maggie Ashcroft and Elizabeth Noble.

John spoke to Liz Noble and Maggie Ashcroft about how he as a child played around what was left of the canal in Copthill Farm.  He remembers the archway where the canal used to go under the Barnack Road bridge before it was filled in to strengthen the road. He also talks about the amount of land, much needed for the production of crops, was taken up by the disused canal.

John’s recollections are recorded in four parts in the videos below.

Part I – Uffington Bridge and sluice                                      5.54 minutes

Part II – The Island and Lock 10                                              3.42 minutes

Part III – Near the Boundaries                                                 6.28 minutes

Part IV – Grazing, Fencing and the Well                                 4.21 minutes


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