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West Deeping Remembers 1914 – 1918: Woodland Trust donation

IMG_20171111_0001This donation is really thanks to Joyce Stevenson, who gave last month’s interesting talk on the Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest. She generously waived any speaker’s fee and suggested instead this double commemoration, on behalf of West Deeping Heritage Group.

Find out more about the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood at Normanton le Heath, north-west Leicestershire.

Restored and re-sited – a memorial to West Deeping’s First World War servicemen is back on display

Colin Blagove writes:

The World War 1 Service List in St Andrew’s Church has recently been restored as it has suffered from staining by water contamination over a number of years. The War Memorials Trust provided a grant for the restoration work. The memorial has now been re-hung in its new location in the Nave on the south wall adjacent to other memorials which commemorate men from West Deeping who lost their lives in the World Wars.

We would be interested in your feedback on the conservation work; we hope you agree that it’s a great improvement.

A re-dedication service will be held in the New Year. Further details to follow.

This memorial to the men of West Deeping who served in and survived  the First World War has been hanging in West Deeping Church since the 1920s.  It was an invaluable source of information for The Deepings Remember 1914 to 1918 project 3 years ago in 2014, and provides the names of most of the men who will feature in a book to be published next year – West Deeping Remembers the First World War.

The  restoration project has prompted us to find out more about its history, and the information we discovered when we took the frame apart was particularly interesting and the most helpful in establishing exactly when the scroll was created and put up in the church. See the World War 1 page (recently updated,) for more information.

Wade relative sets the record straight for Deepings WW1 Roll of Honour

Now the list of names, regiments and dates is online, relatives from all over the world can check to see whether members of their family are listed in the Deepings Roll of Honour. They can also put the record straight if the details are incorrect or if a photograph has been wrongly identified!

A photograph of Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, Francis Rowland Wade (1899 to 1982) from Market Deeping, has just been added.  We had a picture which we thought was Richard Wade, but we are most grateful to the relative who corrected us.

Francis’ grandson, William Wade has been in contact with Liz Parkinson of Deepings Heritage to send photographs and a newspaper cutting. Richard and Francis were the sons of Richard Wade, a well-known and respected solicitor in Market Deeping during the First World War period. Owner of Wade Park and the house which became The Deepings Library, Richard Wade senior was one of the prominent townspeople who supported Lord Kesteven’s army recruitment drive.

Any amendments or queries about the Deepings Roll of Honour can be forwarded by leaving a Comment on this post.

Another name and family story for the Deepings Roll of Honour

Bob Atkin of St Neots, Cambridgeshire, happened to visit the Peterborough Evening Telegraph website recently and found the publicity for the launch of the commemorative book The Deepings Remember 1914 to 1918. He immediately got  in touch with The Deepings Commemoration Group – not only to order a copy of the book but also to add another name to the Deepings Roll of Honour.

His grandfather Thomas Atkin was a milkman in peacetime, but during the First World War he was a Sapper with the Royal Engineers, service number 289740. He lived at Horsegate, in the cottage directly opposite The Walnut Tree public house, with his wife Nettie.

P1 Roll of HonourResearchers have done extensive research over many months and have more than 400 names on the Deepings Roll of Honour for those who served. We know there are still more names to be discovered; it will be an ongoing job to update the spreadsheet of details, and to revise the Roll of Honour.  This is the first of what we expect will be several additions: Thomas Atkins’ name and regiment now appear on the first page of the online version.