Aerial Photos

During the ‘Boaty’ project, aerial photos were taken by Karl Beadle using a Copter cam. Three sites were photographed, namely, Tallington, West Deeping and Molecey’s Mill.


Karl & Copter cam.

The Copter cam is a remote controlled aircraft (Hexcopter) with a stabilised camera gimbal mounted below the aircraft. The photography involved thorough planning by Karl to obtain land owners’ permission, to check for restriction on flight areas and assess weather conditions. For further information go to Karl’s web-site

Paul Bragg then used the Enclosure Award map of 1813, to digitally draw the route of the canal onto the photos. Paul used Photoshop software for this, building a complex series of overlays to produce an accurate yet artistic composite image. The process is defined in Creating Aerial Canal Image.

These images have been used on the four interpretation boards erected in West Deeping and Tallington.

Click on the first photo and scroll through the pictures. The original Copter cam photos are displayed, each followed by the image that shows the canal. Press <escape> to return to this page.


Click below to view Karl’s demonstration of the Copter cam, in the Boaty, West Deeping.


2 thoughts on “Aerial Photos

  1. Joss Winn

    What a brilliant idea using the copter cam. It really helps visualise the location of the canal. Overall, I’m really impressed with your website and the amount of activity there has been on this project. Well done!

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