Walks along the canal route


Canal at Copt Hill 012

Following the canal route between Copthill and Tallington

Three walks were organised by Allan Crowson to trace the route of the old canal, to look for evidence of the canal and its locks, and to identify buildings associated with the working canal.  Although little remains of the canal our discussions about what we were able to see brought the canal ‘alive’ in our imagination.  We thoroughly enjoyed the walks and found each walk provided us with very different experiences.

Lyall Seale made a photographic record of what can be seen now (in 2013) and these are displayed in Canal Map with Photos.

At the end of the project we produced a leaflet with directions and a commentary on the walks from Molecey Mill to West Deeping (about 2 kilometres or 1¼ miles) and from West Deeping to Tallington (about 3 kilometres or just under 2 miles).  These are available in local libraries, Stamford Tourist Information Centre and other public places or download a copy.

For each of the walks listed below press the links for further information, photos and videos.

West Deeping to  Molecey Mill walk covered the canal route from the eastern side of King Street, West Deeping to the Greatford Cut beyond Molecey Mill adjacent to the A1175 (the Stamford to Market Deeping road).

West Deeping to Tallington walk started at the West Deeping lock situated in a private garden to the west of King Street and finished at Tallington lock in Heron’s Close, Tallington.  Dr Barry Barton, a member of the Panel for Historical Engineering Works,  accompanied us to the remains of the two locks and explained the technical details and their historical significance.

Copthill to Tallington walk started from Copthill School near Uffington and finished at the bridge over Bainton Road. The walk was on private land with the kind permission of Jonathan Teesdale who provided us with some background information.

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