West Deeping buildings associated with the canal

This page is under construction – last edited 07/06/2018

Several buildings in the village are thought to be associated with the canal.

Evidence from the archives is scanty, but there are other clues which can be interpreted in order to understand how the canal was used in West Deeping.  Excavation of an area near an old stone barn uncovered the clay lining of what is thought to be a spur of the canal; architectural details, including date stones, tell us which buildings were here when the canal was operating; historical information about the local economy during the period when the canal was in use – put together with a few newspaper advertisements and evidence of the occupations of village residents – helps us understand the relationship between the canal and the local community.

Mr Weldon’s house

The grant of James I (1623) which allowed the Aldermen and Burgesses of Stamford to construct the “New Cut” tells us precisely the route the Commissioners of Sewers proposed the canal should take, mentioning specifically :

 “on the east side of the said town over against the house of one Charles Weldon and from thence to another old ditch dividing the fields of West Deeping and a little lane leading to Market Deeping.” 

Other documentary evidence  (including parish registers, a valuation of Crown property in 1649, the will and inventory of Charles Weldon) and a process of elimination of other possible buildings points to what is now called Cromwell House, at the eastern end of The Lane. The canal course can still be seen in front of the house, before it bent towards the north and then alongside the river towards Molecey’s Mill and Market Deeping.

Greystones, King Street

Molecey’s Mill

The Maltings, King Street

Mr Figg’s barn or warehouse, King Street

The Dovecote, The Lane

Tarn Cottage, The Lane

West Deeping Mill, Church Lane

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